Salesforce continues on a nice hockey stick curve today. Here’s why… beginning to end. How long can we go?

SHARES UP OVER 13% in after hour trading with good news.

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I’ve been riding the Salesforce wave for the last decade. Hopefully, others of you have done more than that, perhaps since the beginning in 04′ when the legendary tale began. If you followed Marc Benioff in his days at Oracle, you knew he was leaving something great to do something even better. Larry Ellison believed enough in his protege to claim a large stake in now ‘CRM’. But what were these brilliant minds thinking for the future? It’s the company’s stock symbol today!

“CRM” Customer Resource Management?!
I like to think both men knew at the time that until infinity, technology needs to be married to human intuition. The human factor that AI has been trying to take over for the last 20 years could and would never win. Robots and computers can’t predict human intuition and instinct. Or can they? Has anyone ever watched the Great Hack on Netflix? Received some sort of targeted ads online that you thought, “where the hell did these come from?” Cambridge Analytica victims- was it an election swing? This small little Facebook company. That was -bad- CRM.

Good CRM- Salesforce
When you want to make something easier using technological developments and human thinking to develop effective procedures. Maintaining a brain is always in the driver’s seat. Frankly, we didn’t mind losing Keith Block back February from a strategic business perspective.

CRM is the most crucial component of smart business. Look at the main giant Amazon. What do customers have? Power… More particularly, they have buying power. It’s easy and convenient to shop on amazon, the customer resources are managed phenomenally. That’s just one example of how to scale monetization through customer research management.

CRM* stock continues to rise as salesforce does this for you and everyone else, literally. Odds are if you’re a player in Nasdaq there is some SalesForce behind the hundreds of thousands customers they have.

Customer Resource Management means being there to manage your client’s problems. The smoother business works, the smoother money flows. Their technology is easy enough for those inept baby boomers still hanging on.  As time changes, company’s need to change with the times. That’s CRM. That’s Salesforce.

I’ll hold this stock through the pandemic and onward. They make software and technology that gives America a competitive edge. But they know someone needs to sell that software and educate the human – end users, on how to use it and how their life is more simplified.  

Just look at Redfin vs Compass Real Estate Firms.  Redfin spends money on SEM/SEO and keeps margins low so they can pay dopey agents to work for them at 1% and low pay for low performance (but the SEM dollars work out).  Compass takes on the human and provides the backend CRM to their agents and has succeeded tremendously. Because at the end of the day, humans hit the button, based on all the technology and data they’re given (we hope).


TECH AND THE ECONOMY – Can the fed possibly keep track? Hopefully they’ve kept enough fluff in the vault to bet on the American man and woman working and working hard with good technology.   We need the value of the dollar to remain.  We are the best country in the world.  And that is despite a Global Pandemic. 20%+ Unemployment. Mortgage Rates basically at 20 year lows and real estate selling at all time highs, a crazy election, the stock market running on smoke and mirrors, we can’t keep track.

“I think that for a company like Salesforce, we don’t really see an M&A environment,” Marc Benioff, CEO and co-founder, said on a conference call.
In light Salesforce gained as close to 14% after close with the fiscal Q2 earnings. Beating analyst’s expectations and booted off the oil giant Exxon Mobile from the list. The expected 67 cent per share appeared not to be a problem for CRM. 25 Million over Revenues to break half a TRILLION seems to work out well for its investors.

Benioff sees moves not many are capable of seeing. As tech advances, human’s need to advance with it. Acquiring stake in cloud servicing companies and growing their own internal capabilities was a STRATEGIC move. “Marc is good because he knows all levels of humans, how that contributes, how tech helps them.”

29% YOY overall revenue growth for the fiscal 2nd Quarter.
If you’re a young investor. Always remember that it doesn’t matter and no one knows in the end. Think hard and strong on your stock and intuition. With job’s being eliminated and a pandemic on our hands, how is that possible?
Are humans being replaced by technology?

Is there more money out there in working remote and not leasing commercial space for employees?

Stay tuned, but I think Salesforce is here to stay because they have good CRM. They are CRM. God bless them for their kick ass role during a pandemic and giving us all hope.

Salesforce is up 33% for the year where the S&P 500 is up 7%. Investing is a risky thing and you should do all research available before investing in any company or the stock market in general. This article gives no advice on whether to trade or not trade CRM Stock. Thanks to all our readers.

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