The Full List of Stocks Robinhood is Blocking Users From Buying

The full list of stocks Robinhood blocked today is circulating the Internet. Wallstreetbets vows to send these stocks to the moon as the group of redditors declare war–


Robinhood and other brokers will allow users to trade the following stocks on a limited basis. So, you can attempt to buy these stocks tomorrow, but you may not be successful. Post-market data suggests these stocks will have a good day tomorrow as they are already picking up momentum. Just remember, these are volatile stocks, so exercise caution.


[mstock id=”145303″]

UPDATE–Robinhood has restricted users to these limits

The table below shows the maximum number of shares Robinhood permits in an acount. Please note that these are aggregate limits for each security and not per-order limits, and include shares and options contracts the account holder already holds. Also, these limits may be subject to change throughout the day, per Robinhood.

SymbolSharesOptions contracts
AG5Standard limits apply
AMD1Standard limits apply
GTE150Standard limits apply
JAGX30Standard limits apply
MRNA1Standard limits apply
RYCEY75Standard limits apply
SLV5Standard limits apply
WKHS3Standard limits apply
XM2Standard limits apply

Robinhood Will Allow Limited Buys of Restricted Stocks on Friday

Report: Google Removing Negative Robinhood Reviews

Earlier reports showed Robinhood’s star rating fall to 1-star on Google’s app store. (Note, the following tweet mentions Best Buy as a Robinhood restricted stock, but it should be Bed Bath & Beyond $BBBY).

Rep. Paul Gosar — R from AZ — on the Events

Robinhood’s Most Egregious Act May Be Selling Shares Without Consent of the Account Owner

Several hundred Robinhood account owners reported shares automatically being sold at a price that was near the day’s low. The fact the shares were sold near the days low suggest they didn’t sell for the account owners benefit “to mitigate risk.”

Reaction From the Web

Unity: Rush and AOC

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    Richard J. Thompson Jan 29 at 6:24 am

    No surprises that Biden’s administration was involved in shutting the little guys out so the big guy can feast.

  2. When Reich the Leprechaun starts sounding sane, you know the power mongers are hurting.

  3. when you let global elites steal an election and install a puppet president then dont be surprised when the puppet commands the rescue of his global billionaire financiers who then proceed to steal and cheat themselves. corruption begets even more corruption.

  4. That’s why Wall Street gave Biden so much $, he is bought and paid for, just like he is with China.

  5. Reply
    2smartforlibs Jan 29 at 11:39 am

    If it wasn’t for the parasite class being victims someone would already be in jail.

  6. Thanks for the shopping list

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