WATCH: Jersey Shore Trump Boat Parade — Labor Day Weekend — Boat Parade in Blue State Over 6 Miles!

Over Labor Day weekend, Trump Boat parades will be held in ⛵️ NEW JERSEY ⛵️ MINNESOTA ⛵️ MICHIGAN ⛵️PENNSYLVANIA ⛵️NY ⛵️ WISCONSIN⛵️MASSACHUSETTS ⛵️ILLINOIS ⛵️MARYLAND⛵️NC ⛵️OHIO ⛵️INDIANA ⛵️IOWA ⛵️FLORIDA ⛵️OKLAHOMA ⛵️TENNESSEE⛵️TEXAS⛵️KENTUCKY⛵️SC ⛵️GEORGIA ⛵️NORTH DAKOTA⛵️LOUISIANA ⛵️MISSOURI NEW JERSEY TRUMP BOAT PARADE “It seems that the Americans have finally started to wake up”New Jersey Trump Boat Parade […]