With “DEATH TO AMERICA” As Their Lead Banner, Protesters Shout: “Every City, Every Town, Burn the Precinct to the Ground” in NYC

Protesters in New York City geared up in black bloc to take over NYC streets carrying a “Death to America” and “Free Political Prisoners” banners. Chants of “every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground” echoed the streets of New York. Clearer picture of the banners https://t.co/Mw8hBu4enl pic.twitter.com/fxLkFgUSIR— barely informed with elad 🕵🏻‍♂️ […]

New York City Looting, at an UNBELIEVABLY HORRIFIC SCALE Monday Night, As 0 States Have Asked for Assistance from the DOD

MONDAY NIGHT: Massive looting across NYC de Blasio: The City Is Overwhelmingly Under Control9:52 PM: Emmy nominated journalist Amanda Farinacci Quotes de Blasio As Saying “The city is overwhelmingly under control…” as she watches looters stealing TVs and smashing windows. https://twitter.com/amandafarinacci/status/1267635084632264707 REPORTER STUNNED BY NYPD’S LACK OF RESPONSE TO LOOTERS:No cops anywhere. People are speeding […]

Multiple Fires at Union Square; NYPD Surrounded

https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1266926368815820801 https://twitter.com/datainput/status/1266923349286031360 https://twitter.com/Dcowles/status/1266930037284114434 https://twitter.com/aaronwolfwhite/status/1266929670173478915 https://twitter.com/PaperboyPrince/status/1266928116406128640 https://twitter.com/ExtraCrispyNYC/status/1266927461947891713 https://twitter.com/datainput/status/1266927027824836610 https://twitter.com/Malorie75433997/status/1266925071530147840

Report: NYPD 88 PCT in Brooklyn Overrun; Officer Down; Police Van Engulfed in Flames; 79 PCT Under Siege

https://twitter.com/JamesAGagliano/status/1266545935905173504 https://twitter.com/odonnell_r/status/1266546885797523457 https://twitter.com/selfdeclaredref/status/1266550764543107074 https://twitter.com/selfdeclaredref/status/1266549533250662406 https://twitter.com/BL0NDAMBITION/status/1266542651769307136 https://twitter.com/odonnell_r/status/1266547333602463744 https://twitter.com/IssaKhari/status/1266543175973220352 88th Precinct: 79 Precinct: