WATCH: Seattle Protesters Headed to the Police Officer’s Guild in SoDo — Last Time This Happened They Tried To Burn It Down In Case You Want to Know The BLM Agenda in Seattle TonightSeattle, WA Live Streams Live feed 1Live feed 2Live feed 3View all live feeds from Seattle and other cities…. UPDATE 9:23 PM EST – SEATTLE POLICE SURROUND PROTESTERS FROM MULTIPLE LOCATIONS, MOVE IN A RIOT LINE, FLASHBANGS OUT POLICE MOVE IN “LIKE […]

OVERNIGHT: Rioters Set Multiple Fires to Seattle P.D. East Precinct + Hundreds Slam @MayorJenny For Tweeting WNBA Fan Picks While Station Burns

10:30 PM PST #BidenRiots Watch: MalcontentmentTango Protests and riots in 12 US cities this evening: Regularly Updated List of Live Protest Streams w/ Current Status While Seattle P.D. East Precinct Burns, @MayorJenny Tweets Her Fan Pick — Swift and Forceful Backlash On Twitter Ensues The only things less popular […]