Tampa Bay Live Stream of Protests

11:20 PM EDT — Protests in Tampa After Nightclub Owner Ignites Emotions With “Just Shoot Them All” Comment. The protest has shifted from remembering George Floyd to remembering George Floyd AND to “protesting against a racist and an alleged rapist.” You can read the full back-story here & here. LIVE: https://www.facebook.com/Timmy2TurntLive/videos/937432933361974/ https://twitter.com/Swift_Chico/status/1268020542105440261 List of several […]

Tampa Standoff: Heated Exchanges As Cops Keep Protesters From Stopping I-275 & I-4 Traffic, Tampa Bay’s Busiest Freeway Interchange

An ongoing encounter between protesters and cops near the on-ramp to I-275, Tampa’s busiest freeway. Officers formed a perimeter encompassing the entire onramp. It appears the protesters want to stop freeway traffic. Protesters are trying to enter the freeway at multiple on-ramps across the city. The standoff is ongoing… Update 7:45 PM EDT – Curfew […]